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You’re trying to grow. And I can help you do it.

I’ve been around the block - copywriter, editor and designer of just about every kind of material. Ad agency president and creative director. Editor of Philadelphia Magazine, the top award-winner among city magazines. ‘Nonfiction’ columnist for Writer’s Digest - the writer’s ‘bible.’ Producer of business-to-business and consumer ad campaigns, newsletters, direct mail and other print materials. Journalist. Novelist. Marketing consultant. Editoral genius.

What I know is that to be successful, marketing communications need to be surrounded by a climate of credibility - not just truth, but the ring of truth.

A lot of business communications seem to offer the opposite — messages buried in jargon, buzzwords, hyperbole and mission statements. You see it in brochures and newsletters designed to sell or persuade without shedding much light — and in employee communications that are little more than company propaganda.

The truth is that nothing works better than straight talk - common sense and clear, straightforward language that sounds like it came from a human being instead of a committee, and manages to be compelling and entertaining at the same time.

It sounds simple, and it is. For me.

There are usually only two reasons why decision-makers will read what you want them to.

  1. They think they can’t afford not to.
  2. They can’t resist.

That’s it.

And if you can't capture their imagination and help fulfill their vision, someone else will.